Holistic Wellness

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Livia Di Batista is a fully qualified Reiki practitioner by the Reiki Academy in London and member of the Federation in UK. 


She works with individuals in aiding body, mind, spirit and emotional healing to unleash their true holistic well-being.

From an early age, Livia was always connected to spirituality and holistic living. Growing up in Brazil, having a link to nature was in her every-day life, through herbs therapy, healthy living, homeopathy, and holistic lifestyle. She became a spiritual healer at a young age and always tied her social and professional interactions with her holistic views and purposeful approach.


As life evolved purpose and empowerment, so did she. Through a very international career in multiple countries and living in cities like San Francisco, Sao Paulo and London, she was always driving change, immersing herself in the local culture and leading transformation in both people and businesses. It was while working and living in the Silicon Valley (CA, USA) where her calling for holistic mentoring flourished, immersed in deep discussions about the future of life and business, applying and working with innovative technologies that changes humanity.


Fully qualified in the human-centric methodolody of 'design thinking' Livia combines her transformative views with this tool to guide her clients to dive deep in their individual journey for a Mindset Repurpose. Repurposing careers, migration and entrepreneurial goals are her main expertise to enable clients to explore their strengths and unleash their purposeful potential.


“After meeting amazing people, being awarded Masters in cross-cultural and Diversity & Inclusion management I realised the world is already skilled and what we lack most now is HUMANITY and being our own best self: that is how Joy Liv started to expand.”


Reiki is a non-invasive treatment. It is given in a quiet environment and the therapist channel the energy through the hands on the client energy field. Often the hands will be placed intuitively on the body or the Chakras, so the Reiki energy flows to where it is needed to help the body heal and calm the mind. A treatment is normally a very relaxing experience, given with patient fully clothed and feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. 



Stress Reduction

Promotes Natural Self-Healing;

Reduces the physical, emotional, mental and energetic impacts of stress.


Alleviate Depression & Anxiety

Helps alleviate depression and anxiety;

Restores emotional balance, self-esteem and mental clarity.


Relieves Pain

Relieves physical pain, stiffness, and tension;

Harmonise physical imbalances


Spiritual Growth

Alignment to heart and soul purpose;

Aids meditation and positive thinking and supports spiritual growth